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A package of wheat grass juice (24 frames, twenty-four doses) price of Ł10,70 (€15 or HUF 4600) . From ordering 5 pieces the delivery is free.

In case of a 10-piece order discount, Ł9,98 (€14 or HUF 4400)/ pack is the price.


Ordering under 5 packages cost of transport shall be charged. Special holder frozen packaging with refrigerant and transportation fee mean + Ł91,30 (€12,8 or HUF 4000). Placing order here does not oblige you, I take it to an interest while you strengten it in further consultation.It is important that, in the event that you have placed an order, and I will not call you back within 24 hours (usually almost immediately) - then please contact me by phone 0036 70 3160630 (Melinda), because it is possible that an error occured.

For more information: info@buzafu-le.hu

Melinda Told: 0036 70 3160630

VAT number: 79227319-1-51

NAK number (National Agricultural Chamber of Commerce): S770000441833

Farmer,s number: 2009606


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