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Those who regularly drink wheat grass juice rarely get sick, recover faster and have a better performance!

  • Helps to remove toxins

Promotes the body in getting rid of toxins accumulated, while also helping the digestion of settlement, and echances our energy with supplementation of the lost vitamins and minerlas.

  • Restores the body.s acid-base balance

All steady state of what the human body is trying to maintain a balance between the most decisive is the acidity and alkalinity. The body is able to go to the extreme in its attempt to maintain the proper blood in slightly alkaline condition.

However, very easily and often our body gets acidic. This imbalance leads to a kind of chaos, and opens the way for diseases. For every disease and behind the malaise is the acidification of body fluids and tissues. It is the only way our body becomes vulnerable to pathogens when it is acidic. Pathogens cannot colonize in healthy alkaline state of equlibrium.

Furthermore, the presence of acids always suggest that we got sick. In short: condition of good health is to maintain the body.s acid-base balance! To do so, you will get help by wheat grass juice!

The body prevents itself from pH decrease with the blood extracting alkaline minerals from tissues, eg. sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Calcium from the bones, magnesium from the muscles - which, of course would be needed. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. If the acidity is too strong, that blood is not capable of balancing, the accumulated amount of acid in the body is pressed into tissues, to store it there. The blood pH imbalance leads to irritation and inflammation. On the skin eczema, acne, boils occur, but the emergence of headaches, muscle cramps, muscle pain, inflammation, and even general aches and pains as well.

Fagyasztott búzafűlé kockák


  • Helps the body recover on cellular level

Our body is exposed to very high stress, it can lead to weakening the immune system. wheat grass juice supplies our body with enough minerals, vitamins, enzymes, flavonoids, amino acids, clorophyll to get the most out of itself!


  • Improves tissue oxygenation

Gets more nutrients to the cells and also their breakdown products are transported in large quantities through the veins. So the process of the bone-forming activity will be higher, which is responsible for healing and wheat grass juice speeds up the healing process more efficient, supporting the immune system.

  • Protects against the development of cancer cells

Cancer is not one disease but an umbrella term that includes more than one hundres kinds of disease. The cancer can be divides into two basic groups, environmental and hereditary, evolving from purely genetic cancer types. Roughly 5-10% of malignant tumors belong to the hereditary group. Altough the formation of genetic material in all cases due to failure, you better know that not all mutations cause tumors. From this point of view only those mutations are dangerous that are relating to certain regulatory protein genes. If a number of mutations develop in these genes (generally accepted view todya is 5-6 consecutive mutatuions are necessary to the formation of malignant cell behaviour) uncontrolled cell growth will start. In this case, the so-called cell cycle, i.e., the cell division process fails: upsets the cell growth-promoting signals and brake balance, which is leading to the polioferation of malignant cell types involved.


  • Stimulates the formation of blood cells

The process of hematogenesis is partly hormonally, partly neutrally affected. For the smooth formation of blood a number of essential material food is needed, which could not be easier when regular wheat grass juice is consumed.


  • Improves cell metabolism

Our bodies basically are prepared to be able to remove the end products of cellular metabolism by the lungs, skin, kidneys and through the anus. However, it is a cell metabolism, which has followed the diet for thousands of years of evolving. The diet was not today.s menu. Besides this we plaster our body with different toxins. Mention the exhaust gases, industrial smoke, smoking, pesticide residues and hormones being in animals, antibiotics, medicines, presevatives, food colorings, admixtures in cosmetics and a myriad of other factors, which all reach into the space between cells with cellular metabolites. If the appropriate nutrients are not provided to the body cells, they cannot operate on the optimum. This leads to the dysfunction of the cells and so the organs. Therefore it is very important to pay attention to the proper lifestyle and good nutrition. In this can help you wheat grass juice.


  • Updates, keeps in actionFagyasztott búzafűlé kockák

Thanks to many important nutrients that wheat grass juice contains, it increases blood flow to the brain due to the higher number of red blood cells and so promotes protein metabolism. It is a natural antioxidant for the mind to overcome everyday stress.


  • Restores the balance of bacteria in the body

The intestinal flora imbalance significantly weaken the body.s good bacteria improve digestion, reduce the number and the growth of harmful bacteria and enchance the immune sístem. As a result of advancing age and the extra harmful factors the good and bad bacteria in the body can shift ratio, so the good bacteria should be adequately fed helping our body to keep a healthy balance.







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