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It has been eight years I am active on producing wheat grass juice, my experiences and practices are individual and overall, I have been a part of lots of healings.

As the young parents of two children, my husband and I are working to help those who need it.

If you decide, I can provide you with real, natural self-produced, full-fledged wheat grass juice.

On our site you will find the most important information about the beneficial effects of wheat grass juice, you should know. If you have any questions

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Sought, offered, or inadvertently got here is no matter now.

You are on the right site. You are on the right site, because you, dear visitor is someone who decidedly want your health for a long time to keep, or you feel you need it, so you decided that you want to live healthier, or unfortunately you are caught up with one of today.s unspoken, but well concealed civilization diseases ...

Yes, one ... because, unfortunately, there are more. There are more with the same common origin behind them.


Most common disease of disorganization origin of civilization is certainly acidification. Which means that the body.s pH (acid-base balance) permanently shifted to the acidic direction.

The acidic body weakens immune system, the body will be a hotbed of diseases, and it is only a matter of time when and in whom can it be developed.

First of all this is due to our foremost nutritional opportunities - not habits!, opportunities! One day very objective, very open-minded and smart professionals and journalists will write about it very competent long articles. After all, they are all like that. They were born like that. Tell the truth about  the food, always and forever. Or maybe you know the majority of the media someway else? Well, they are still not going to tell you, at least not so clear-cut that the majority of people become aware that you are poisoned. Yes, you are. You and everyone else, everyone who leaves it.


Do you leave them? No, you don.t. You just don.t know about it. This is difference.

That is what our world become like. There are lots of chemicals, there are limits of how much can a food contain about it.... and then what? No one can predict short or long term effects of destructive chemical additives of these toxics in high doses used for decades - the first results are already here a long time, and the findings only intensify.

We got there, that it is difficult to find real healthy food produced at industrial level. Tomatoes in December, never mind that there is no tomato flavour. Who can remember what is the real like? The password is cheap and much bigger profit. Otherwise it does not work without the mockery of nature. Genetic engineering, chemicals, unnatural methods.


And we eat it.


We eat all these unnatural, we feed ourselves with rubbish, chemicals and pharmaceutical residues in plants and animal origin meals, sometimes we oppress our body with what the manufacturer only knows how it came about... under some criteria they don.t need to tell you what their product contains. Well that would be a miracle if we would not get sick.

Can we do anything? Yes, we can, but it is not realized in our lifetime. The reality today is that we are deeply in trouble.

We want to live healthier, we want to get better, to survive.

wheat grass juice is definitely proven ability to support the body to combat acidification, indeed, measurable, proven made alkaline, so that there will be indeed a stronger, better operable, capabilities edge recovery immune system, we get hope to pass persist  diseases, so our health returns. Or even if you are in good health, you keep it.

A person very close to me could tell a lot about wheat grass juice who is convinced that he owes his life and has a never experienced before good health thanks to using it and rejecting the fashionable poison, chemotherapy can help you to live. He won. What convinced me. I am talking about my father, I saw his struggle with cancer from the first moment, and I saw his healing as well.



Thank you for visiting us,

Melinda Told
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